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We Create Human Trophies

Our goal at the ELEV8 Baseball Academy is to focus on each student athlete’s development. The success of our students are our “wins”. We don’t just simply recruit the top talent and play games to win. We work to improve each players weaknesses, enhance their strengths and prepare them to not only get to the next level but succeed. So when our student athletes step on a college campus or a professional camp, they are prepared physically, socially, mentally and academically to excel.

Athletically, what makes our program so highly effective is our ability to integrate all the key aspects of training into one comprehensive system using measurable and progressive milestones.  Our full-time athletes engage in the same professional training system used by the world’s top collegiate, professional, and Olympic high performance athletes.  The outcome is a vastly improved player, both physically and mentally.

Moreover, we train speed and strength training at Top Velocity.  Which is a state of the art facility with access to some of the most advanced training systems in the world.  Only at Elev8 Baseball Academy can you have access to coaches, programs and sport science that allows you to advance your game to exceptional levels through daily training and competition.

Regardless of your age, grade or talent level, our tailor made full-time program consists of core components that produce elite student athletes on and off the field.  Our focus and primary goal is to prepare and  position each of our players for placement into the college or university that is the best match based on each players needs and abilities.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to elevating your game to the next level!

Academy: What We Do
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