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Step up to ELEV8 Baseball Academy—a home where passionate coaching fuels all-round athlete growth. We celebrate triumphs as our victories, committed to refining weaknesses, amplifying strengths, and propelling players to thrive. 

From world-class training strategies embraced by elite athletes, our transformational framework is second to none. We've partnered with Top Velocity Boca Raton, implementing cutting-edge programming for gaining velocity and strength located in our exclusive state-of-the-art hub.  Moreover, we use coaches from XPE Sports for speed training, teaching players how to be more explosive.  Elev8 brings you coaches, programs, and sports science, igniting game excellence through daily grind.

Age, year, or skill don't matter. Our custom full-time program hones exceptional athletes on and off the field. We aim to prime players for fitting college placements, aligning with their potential.

Fuel your game at ELEV8, guided by MLB and global league-experienced coaches. Elite Programs beckon committed athletes to sculpt a brighter baseball future. Welcome to the next level.

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Academy & Post Grad Program

Each individual's journey to school is unique. Perhaps you haven't received ample opportunities to showcase your abilities, or your academic performance has constrained your program choices. Would an additional year dedicated to honing your fundamental skills and fostering physical growth be beneficial?


At our academy, players entrust their development to us. We refine their abilities, engage in competitive games at an elevated level, and facilitate their transition into college programs.

If your ideal college destination isn't set for the upcoming fall, we encourage you to contemplate the potential impact of our program on your pursuit of higher-level achievements. Consider the opportunities we offer in propelling you toward your goals.

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Through our strategic alliance with Top Velocity, our pitchers gain access to the nation's premier pitching program renowned for its proven outcomes.

 Unlocking Potential on the Diamond

ELEV8 Baseball Academy employs a rolling admissions process, allowing you to submit your application at any point during the year for the upcoming semester. Upon acceptance and availability in the program, you have the option to start immediately or in the following semester.

For optimal growth and development, we recommend considering participation in the complete 9-month school year, if feasible.

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Mark L.

"Elev8 Baseball Academy has been a game-changer for my son's journey in baseball. The personalized coaching and comprehensive training programs have taken his performance to new heights. Beyond the skills, he's learned about discipline, teamwork, and resilience. I'm truly grateful for the positive impact Elev8 has had on his development."

Sarah W.

"Enrolling my son in Elev8 Baseball Academy was the best decision we ever made. The coaching staff's dedication to nurturing both his athletic skills and personal growth has been remarkable. His confidence on and off the field has soared, and his performance has improved significantly. Elev8 truly creates an environment where young athletes thrive."

Jake M.

"As a former student-athlete, I can confidently say that Elev8 Baseball Academy goes above and beyond to provide top-notch training. The coaches are not just instructors; they're mentors who genuinely care about each player's development. My time at Elev8 has had a profound impact on my skills, mindset, and character. It's an experience I'll always cherish."


Train Like a Professional, Compete Like a Champion. At Elev8, our success is defined by the caliber of athletes we nurture. Our mission is to cultivate individuals who will achieve greatness in life far beyond their time at Elev8.

Image by Joshua Peacock


Your backing is crucial to Elev8 Baseball's mission. There exist numerous avenues through which you can support our endeavors, and each contribution you make, no matter how small, significantly aids us in achieving our goals.


Discover more about how you can engage and make a positive impact.

Elev8 Baseball Academy holds a 501C3 status

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