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At Elev8 Baseball Academy, our dedication extends to athletics, academic progress, and personal enrichment.

We seek students who resonate with these aspirations to join our community. Our selection process evaluates your academic track record, individual qualities, and athletic journey, encompassing your achievements, skills, and future potential.

This is your chance to showcase why you're an ideal fit for ELEV|8 BASEBALL ACADEMY. We encourage you to express your true self, think creatively, and enjoy the opportunity to share your story.

Elev8 welcomes students regardless of race, color, or national and ethnic origin.

Currently Attending School?
Have you ever been suspended, expelled, or dismissed from school?
Are you committed or currently being recruied by a college?

Thank You!

Interview & Visit

We suggest that prospective full-time students arrange a personal interview at ELEV|8 Baseball Academy. This visit offers the chance to immerse yourself in our atmosphere, engage with coaches and staff, partake in sports activities, explore housing choices, and visit academic facilities. This firsthand encounter provides insights into the training and lifestyle of our full-time students, offering an understanding of the dedication we require from our student-athletes. Ideally, this interview would coincide with a one-week program at ELEV|8 Baseball Academy.

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